JCDecaux knows auto makers look for the freshest and biggest ideas for their advertising campaigns. From Exterior ambassadorial opportunities and exhibits to larger-than-life Wall Wraps, backlit Spectaculars and Domination packages, auto brands can own an airport with unique, high profile campaigns that are the perfect spotlight for a new car or truck.

JCDecaux Airports deliver an elite audience of travelers that pays attention to what the automotive market has to offer. They buy new cars, spend money on luxury models, and are interested in sustainable automotive technologies. In the major automotive market of California, 50% of all adults who plan to purchase a new vehicle in the next 12 months depart from a JCDecaux LA airport annually.


Scarborough research indicates that of the top 10 JCDecaux airport markets surveyed, compared to the average adult in those markets in the past year, JCDecaux travelers are:


  • 62% more likely to own a new BMW
  • 52% more likely to own a new Infiniti
  • 53% more likely to spend $45,000+ on a new car next year
  • 50% more likely to buy a new luxury car next year


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