Captivate travelers and bring them to your event, venue, or attraction by advertising at JCDecaux Airports! Each year, a wide array of entertainment vneues advertises in airports. These businesses understand the unique value of being the first to capture travelers as they arrive in a new city looking for activities and events.


JCDecaux Airports are prime areas to appeal to travelers with active agendas. Whether they are at home or on the road, these travelers are interested in activities and cultural events for their families as well as for entertaining business clients. Favored destinations for these affluent passengers include museums, comedy clubs, casinos, amuseument parks, zoos and performing arts centers. Adult travelers are also sports fans: in the past year, nearly half of our travelers attended a professional sports event!


Of the top 10 JCDecaux airport markets surveyed, Scarborough research indicates that compared to the average adult in those markets in the past year, JCDecaux travelers are:

  • 67% more likely to have visited Disney World (Orlando)
  • 60% more likely to visit an art museum
  • 57% more likely to have visited a comedy club
  • 50% more likely to have visited New York's Time Square
  • 38% more likely to attend a symphony concert, opera, etc.


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