Eyetracker Study


Digital Out-of-Home is one of the fastest growing mediums in advertising.


Combining the flexibility of last-minute press ads with the creative potential of the internet, Digital is increasingly forming the cornerstone of many successful campaigns.

Airports have been instrumental in the meteoric rise of Digital, and as such JCDecaux Airport felt it appropriate to investigate this cutting-edge medium with a cutting-edge research tool: Eyetracker.


Established in 2002, Eyetracker is Europe’s only specialist eye-tracking agency. Built on technology designed for the Defense industry, Eyetracker relies on special glasses with cameras that have been calibrated to record field of vision and pupil focus.

Passengers who participated in the study were given these glasses and asked to navigate Heathrow Airport’s International Departures Lounge in Terminal 5, which features 89 digital screens. Participants browsed the IDL for 25 minutes while having their natural behavior and eye movement recorded. The recording was then played back and discussed in an interview, followed by completion of a qualitative questionnaire.


Participants were:

  • 90% international travelers
  • 10% domestic travelers
  • 33% business travelers
  • 55% male
  • 45% female

Please refer to the document on the right  to download the full findings.