Media Products


Interiors offer advertisers the opportunity to saturate specific terminals and reach targeted audiences as they arrive or depart. Media format types range from baggage claim dioramas, PowerPoles, backlit spectaculars to large format banners, wraps and immersion zones and much more! A strategic media mix of our interiors can offer brands 100% coverage throughout an entire airport.


Exteriors offer ambassadorial messaging to arriving and departing passengers as well as vehicular traffic on major highways and roadways. Iconic and dominant, these unique larger-than-life signs are strategically positioned mostly outside airport terminals for maximum reach and impact on airport passengers.


Airport digital programs are unique advertising offerings specifically designed and strategically placed to reach high volume of passengers. Whether an advertiser chooses our Prestige Digital Network or a singular large format Spectacular, digital advertising offers a compelling visual platform, content flexibility and highly targetable messaging, allowing advertisers to change their branding in real time. Our digital networks can be found in clusters throughout the airport’s key pulse points or in hard-to-miss positions at the heart of departures and arrivals areas, making a standout impression in front of an affluent audience. 


JCDecaux's Sponsorship Programs are designed for brands that want to dramatically raise their profile by interacting with their customers in top U.S. markets in a grandiose way. Options include but are not limited to branding iconic digital landmarks, recompose zones, digital recharge stations, premier parking programs and much more. Our Sponsorship programs are meant to provide an unparalleled service to passengers while improving the overall travel experience. Sponsors can obtain special rights and entitlements as they provide exclusive amenities and services to passengers at the airport.


Innovate opportunities offer advertisers the option to be more inventive and encourage higher brand recall in the airport environment. Through exhibits, tasting stations, build outs, immersion zones and promotional stunts, brands can create an engaging, out-of-the-box advertising program that resonates with the traveling public.