Dynamic digital campaigns heat up in JCDecaux Airports

September 25th, 2017

Brands such as DELL Technologies and MasterCard are utilizing the flexibility of JCDecaux Airport digital media by serving passengers in top U.S. gateways such as JFK and Boston Logan International a variety of ads based on time of day, weather, flight data, etc.


For 8 weeks, DELL Technologies is promoting their technology capabilities using different types of conditions such as weather, events, flight data and time to trigger a variety of creative messaging to passengers. The multinational IT corporation had digital ads specific to the U.S. Open, morning and evening messaging and ads that were played as a complement to the daily forecast.


MasterCard’s dynamic digital campaign was geared towards the Boston Logan business travelers as it promoted its Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard credit card. The client displayed multiple variants of its credit card promotion dependent on the time of day, weather, etc. An ad showcasing the tagline “Growing your business means early mornings” played during AM flight departures and ads that read “Growing your business means weathering storms” played during rainy summer days, along with eight other variations of their ad copy during this digital activation.


Dynamic digital campaigns allow advertisers to create a personalized message for their target audience and both DELL Technologies and MasterCard were strategic in their ad implementations, being both relevant and immersive to airport travelers. 

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