Flor de Cana erupts creativity at Miami International Airport this summer!

July 25th, 2017

Flor de Cana dominates MIA’s Concourse D this summer with an iconic airport activation showcasing its unique premium rum collection. The display is a 10-foot high representation of Nicaragua’s highest and most active volcano, the San Cristobal.


Travelers are able to sample Flor de Cana’s super premium and ultra-premium rum and will also have a fully immersive experience with large screens that create a visual mosaic, showing lava explosions and full-motion footage of the company’s history. Museum-style niches are located around the perimeter of the exhibit, streaming mini movie series on rum production. 


The brand seeks to connect with travelers flying to Latin America, where Flor de Cana is the leading rum brand. MIA captures nearly 15 million passengers from Latin America/the Caribbean annually, making it the #1 gateway in the U.S. to those regions.

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