Mogu Street takes e-commerce to Xujiahui’s Shanghai Station!

July 31st, 2017

The online shopping app, Mogu Street, created a 300 sq. foot showroom, fully equipped with product and a fitting room, in the transfer tunnel at Xujiahui Station in Shanghai. The showroom’s front door was shaped as an iPhone to not only lure female consumers and pique the interests of all commuters but to signify the brand’s online presence. Passersby were able to scan the QR codes associated with the various product and purchase the items onsite.


Simultaneously, a fashion expert was taping a live webcast, showcasing the various items available for purchase. The content was then displayed on an external LED outside of the exhibit where onlookers were able to watch for fashion tips and could also opt to receive the live feed on their Smartphone through the Mogu Street app.

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