Interactive Visitor Kiosk - Boston Logan International

Our Philosophy

JCDecaux Airport Advertising Philosophy

JCDecaux strives to offer our advertising clients the greatest possible value for their advertising dollars.  This is achieved through a combination of target-specific locations for our displays,  superior quality for our advertising fixtures and an impeccable record for maintenance, cleanliness and service.

This approach to our business is clearly reflected in the programs we design:

  • We only use the best locations, where we install large, high impact displays that stand out.  The result is efficient advertising message delivery.
  • Our display units are minimal in design and complement the airport's architecture without competing with it.  We eliminate unnecessary details, providing only crisp, elegant lines and the beauty of tempered glass, stainless steel and architectural-grade powder coating.
  • We provide a selection of innovative, high-technology products that will generate passenger attention. Our Interactive Visitor's Centers and Prestige Digital Units are striking examples of how JCDecaux can harness the power of digital technology to deliver services, value and entertainment to better serve our clients, the traveling public, and our airport partners.

Less is More

JCDecaux believes in a "less is more" approach to airport advertising.  A fewer number of larger sized displays in key locations results in enhanced aesthetics and higher revenue than the traditional surplus of smaller sized dioramas.  Our formula is simple: large-scale, impactful signage coupled with the delivery of an elite airport audience provides our clients with greater reach and impact.


Digital Advertising Displays

Emerging from its infancy, digital signage has been rapidly embraced by our clients and major marketers.   When strategically placed and thoughtfully executed, digital technology presents significant benefits over traditional media:

  • Studies show that people simply notice digital advertising more than traditional, static advertising
  • Advertising on digital platforms engage viewers and can provide a service to the traveling public
  • Flexibility and versatility allows advertisers the ultimate freedom in developing effective campaigns

Recent advances in high-definition flat screen technology now make it possible to design products that truly stand out.  Large, bright and incredibly sharp screens produce images that can easily compete with traditional backlit posters. The flexibility inherent to digital technology in terms of content scheduling and updating opens up a new world of possibilities for advertisers.

Working with advertisers to develop content that is effective in an airport environment, JCDecaux promotes the design of advertising spots that are both dynamic (to attract attention) and simple enough to convey their message in just a few seconds.  This is also achieved by combining in a loop of straight advertising messages and sponsored content including weather, sports results and headlines or community news.

With more than 300 screens in U.S. airports and 6,600 screens worldwide, JCDecaux is the industry leader in terms of introducing the elite traveling public to digital advertising displays.


Design and Quality of Displays

JCDecaux's long tradition of developing great designs for our advertising fixtures has earned us a reputation for our dedication to quality and innovation.   This goes back to the company's roots in street furniture, providing public services funded by advertising. We have always taken the view that our public amenities and advertising fixtures should be perfectly integrated into their surrounding environments.  Our own design and engineering department combines testhetic requirements with operational criteria, making sure that our fixtures are fully reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

Select advertising display fixtures incorporate services that enhance the travelers' experience and satisfaction at the airports. Our PowerPolesare an outstanding example of a successful marriage between JCDecaux's innovation and our client's sponsorship, resulting in one of the most important branding initiatives in out-of-home advertising history.