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LaGuardia Airport

New York, NY


Located in the nation's #1 Designated Market Area (DMA), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is the airport of choice for New York City, the business and financial capital of the world. Conveniently located 20 minutes from Manhattan, LaGuardia is one of the top airports in the country serving business travelers. In 2014, nearly 27 million passengers passed through LaGuardia.

LaGuardia serves New York mainly for domestic flights, although it does offer international service to Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Offering direct service to all major cities on the Eastern seaboard and in the Midwest, LaGuardia is the only U.S. airport with terminals designed exclusively for the business traveler (US Airways and Delta Shuttle terminals).

Market Penetration

49% of the New York DMA adults traveled by air in the past year; of these adults 36% departed from LaGuardia. JCDecaux NY airports (LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark) are the primary points of departure in the New York DMA.

Residence of Air Travelers by County

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