Airport Advertising
Vertical Spectacular, Terminal 2
Airport Advertising
Backlit Spectacular, Terminal 2
Airport Advertising
Diorama, Terminal 4
Picture of the property
Light Bags, main arrivals bag claim
Picture of the property
Soffit Wrap, Terminal 4

LA/Ontario International Airport

Ontario, CA


LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT), located 35 miles east of Los Angeles in Riverside County, is the second largest international airport in its market. Smaller and more manageable than its Los Angeles counterpart - LAX - Ontario is a major point of entry and departure for those travelers who wish to avoid the crowds of a primary airport.

LA/Ontario serves over 4.2 million passengers annually and offers 60 daily departures to 14 nonstop cities on 7 different airlines to Chicago, Denver, Phoenix and many more!

Market Penetration

46% of adults in the Los Angeles DMA traveled by air in the past year; of these adults, 16% departed from ONT.

Residence of Air Travelers by County

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