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Miami International Airport

Miami, FL


Miami International Airport (MIA)  is ranked among the busiest airports in the world, and is part of the #1 Busiest Air Corridor in the U.S. (Greater Miami Area - NYC). Located in the 16th DMA, MIA services over 44.5 million travelers arriving from and departing to 150 destinations on four continents.

MIA serves as the #1 U.S. gateway for Latin American and Caribbean travelers. The airport currently has over 100 air carriers,  serving an extensive business infrastructure combined with a multicultural, multilingual population. Miami is home to the largest banking community in the country next to New York City, and also houses regional offices for more than 500 multinational companies.

Market Penetration

52% of the Miami DMA adults traveled by air in the past year; of these adults, 56% departed from Miami International Airport. MIA is the primary point of departure for this region.

Residence of Air Travelers by County

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