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Airport Advertising
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Airport Advertising
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Airport Advertising

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL


Orlando International Airport (MCO), is the third largest origin and destination airport in the U.S. and serves over 38 million passengers annually.

Orlando is one of the country's top tourist destinations. From spinning teacups to blizzard beaches, Orlando does theme parks like no other city; 62 million people visit annually to visit attractions like Walt Disney World, Sea World, LEGO Imagination Center and Universal Orlando. Daytona Beach and year-round resort weather add to Orlando's allure.

Orlando is the first largest convention market in the country and is considered a top U.S. meeting destination.

Market Penetration

53% of the Orlando DMA adults traveled by air in the past year; of these adults, 82% departed from Orlando International Airport.

Residence of Air Travelers by County

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