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William P. Hobby Airport

Houston, TX


William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is the second major commercial aviation facility serving Houston, TX, the country's fourth largest city and the 10th Designated Market Area (DMA). Identified as the domestic partner to the area's top international airport, George Bush Intercontinental, Hobby Airport is located just 7 miles south of downtown Houston and is a strong origin and destination airport, offering excellent coverage of the Houston business traveler.

In 2015, HOU served over 12 million passengers and is presently served by six scheduled passenger airlines, acting as a 'focus city' for Southwest Airlines, which handles 88% of the airport's annual traffic.

This domestic commuter airport has become a major point of entry and departure for those travelers who wish to avoid the crowds of a primary airport.

Market Penetration

43% of the Houston DMA adults traveled by air in the past year; of these adults, 50% departed from William P. Hobby Airport.

Residence of Air Travelers by County

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