Airport Testimonials


  • "My clients appreciate the visibility and recognition airport dioramas generate for their businesses.  Time and time again these placements have proven to be an unusually effective and distinctive way to reach business leaders and high level decision makers."

    Jean Komendera, Partner, Gold Dog Communications, Inc.
  • "Airports provide advertisers the opportunity to reach a consumer in a quality environment versus traditional out-of-home.  Additionally, airport displays are intrusive: they are in close radius to the consumer with placements on walkways and check-in areas.  Lastly, the airport traveler is always a good demographic to reach."

    Mary Prisco, Outdoor Vision
  • "JCDecaux's airport advertising provides The Media Kitchen and our clients with a unique angle at reaching today's elusive and busy consumers.  Airport advertising through the open-minded and innovative JCDecaux company allows for interesting targeting opportunities and capabilities.  It also guarantees viewership of our clients' messages and added involvement within a highly relative environment."

    Paul Woolmington, Head Chef, The Media Kitchen
  • "I want to express my continued satisfaction in working with JCDecaux's media opportunities.  We've always been able to come back year after year for all types of airport signage for Emerson and Standard Federal Bank.  We've also seen our regional McDonald's and LaSalle Bank clients advertise on your beautiful bus shelters.  I've been really excited just in the past few months to see our new clients utilize many of JCDecaux's opportunities.  For example, we've had regional McDonald's, LaSalle and Standard Federal Banks to advertise in your malls and we have had the Chicago Tribune advertise on your shelters just in the past four months! To see our clients see the benefits of what your company has to offer and to see them be pleased with the results is very gratifying."

    Alison Kruse, Outdoor Media Group
  • "For many of WPP/Kinetic's blue chip clients, JCDecaux's Prestige Digital Network has become an integral part of their U.S. airport advertising efforts. Some of our Best in Class clients have created animated digital campaigns exclusively for this JCDecaux platform. The flexibility of the network has afforded Aviator - Kinetic's aviation specialist arm - the opportunity to be more strategic in how we plan and recommend airport media in the U.S."

    Erik Bottema, Director, Aviator - North America
  • "Digital media within the JCDecaux airport channel allowed us the opportunity to create a synchronized advertising experience across the entire airport among an audience with the highest propensity to convert. Using digital not only allowed for creative flexibility and maximum relevancy, it was also a great channel to help drive potential cardholders to tabling efforts." 

    Ashley Krysinski, Sr. Strategy Planner, Carlson Marketing
  • Including JCDecaux's airport advertising in our client’s media mix proved to be a smart choice. The JCDecaux team was very helpful in identifying key locations and flexible with value added impressions as we planned to announce our client’s merger. The combination of large size, high impact units coupled with the digital screens delivered splash and reach – perfect for launching our substantial brand message. The excellent placement of the ads and the proximity to our business traveler target as they moved through the various areas of the airport provided the frequency to be memorable. In addition, the ability to target specific demographics and geographies also made airport advertising with JCDecaux an efficient vehicle to utilize as part of our

    integrated media plan.

    Jason Bacharach, Account Director, Source Communications
  • JCDecaux continually sets the bar in the Out-of-Home Media space with elegant structures and forward-thinking executions.  Through our work with JCDecaux we have realized meaningful growth in the airport advertising sector.  Their expertise and attention to detail have helped us make airport advertising a confident solution for our brands.  Going forward we expect to grow our business with JCDecaux in the airport space.

    Rick Robinson, Managing Director, West Coast
  • At Aviator, we see the airport as a unique environment to drive interaction through social media and we feel mobile has the power to shape the behavior of air travelers, introduce a needed level of measurability to the airport environment and enhance the quality of our media programs. With the adoption rate of Smartphones in the airport relatively high, Aviator often seeks to activate media by making mobile an integral part of its overall JCDecaux airport media effort.

    Erik Bottema, Director, Aviator North America


  • Terminal One has maintained a steady and continuously growing relationship with JCDecaux for over a decade. The professional manner in which they develop and communicate their advertising program has grown stronger with each year they are in our terminal. Their advertising program perfectly blends within the terminal’s architecture while effectively reaching passengers during all stages of their travel. JCDecaux’s experience in placement and design of their inventory has enhanced our terminal’s aesthetics and atmosphere. We’re always willing to work with their company to help grow their advertising program at T1 and are always excited about being one of the firsts to launch new products within the airport. This has led to great excitement around the installation of the two twin LED screens in our terminal and has created a positive environment for the passengers in the queue for TSA. Working with the JCDecaux staff, we can understand why they’re number one in OOH advertising as they deliver the highest-quality of product and innovation within the airport landscape.

    Edward J. Paquette, Executive Director, JFK Terminal 1 Management


  • "JCDecaux partnered with our team in helping the Bacardi Global Brand achieve its objectives. Our campaign was very impactful in both reaching consumers and in driving sales."

    Maggie Matias, Travel Marketing Director, Bacardi
  • "Reaching travel consumers and making sure advertising works hard at driving awareness was one of the challenges Bombay Sapphire Gin faced when considering their media strategy.  Delivering the WOW factor was essential, thus the development of the 7-ton fish tank exhibit.  The tank installed in New York['s] JFK and London's Heathrow has delivered the media punch it was looking for..."

    Jose Chao, VP Travel Retail Marketing Director for Bacardi Global Brands
  • It’s been a few years now that we stepped up our game to create more than just advertising campaigns in airports; we’ve built experiential activations for consumers and shoppers while they are travelling. The results have been amazing: building brand awareness in existing products and launching new products in flagship airports like Miami and JFK. JCDecaux has been instrumental by partnering with us and making things happen. We always want to be creative and disruptive so all activations have a positive impact on all partners involved, and particularly at MIA we have achieved that, above and beyond! Not only have we built our brands, but we’ve increased sales in duty free stores. We are looking forward to continuing to raise the bar through our relationship with JCDecaux.

    Jorge Stuyck, Senior Brand Manager, Whisky & Reserve Brands, Diageo GTME Americas


  • "Utilizing our customer research, we identified the Orlando airport as a key entry point for Ron Jon's customer.  With JCDecaux's market-savvy representatives, we developed a multi-media campaign for intercepting these customers with Ron Jon messages.  This airport campaign has helped us increase our market penetration of the airport travelers at both of our Central Florida stores.  We are continuing to expand our airport campaign with JCDecaux's advice and assistance."

    William H. Bieberback, Ron Jon's VP of Corporate Development

Automobiles and Transportation

  • “My MINI [Cooper] sales team tells me they get calls everyday from potential customers that saw our car at Dallas Love Field [Airport].”

    Ted D’Atri, General Manager, AutoNation
  • "JCDecaux Airports provides an excellent advertising package.  In particular, the creative treatments look great in the backlit diorama structures.  The ability to reach our core audience at a great price made this campaign an extremely valuable proposition."

    Carolyn K. Walkin, VP Associate Director, Zenith Media
  • "We appreciate the opportunity to display the Subaru Tribeca and Outback at [Dallas] Love Field.  The location of the displayed vehicle proved to be very effective...the vehicles [were] viewed by thousands each day due to the high pedestrian traffic flow at [Dallas] Love Field.  As expected, it turned out to be quite a success! We received many calls inquiring about the vehicles resulting in numerous appointments for test drives and new orders.  [JCDecaux] went beyond the call of duty in getting this accomplished for us!"

    David Thomas, Managing Partner of Subaru Dallas
  • "Our challenge was to have our message stand out.  In choosing the baggage package that JCDecaux offered in Miami, we were able to effectively greet visitors to the Miami International Boat Show and share our message in a creative and memorable way.  The airport domination also allowed us to prevent our competitors from participating in the opportunity."

    Justin Happel, Account Executive for Johnson Evinrude at C/K Agency
  • "I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the Craig Catamaran boat display at the Orlando International Airport.  My team receives calls every day from potential customers that saw our boat at MCO.  The display has helped to raise consumer awareness for our Craig Catamaran boat line.  With the difficult times and the limited budget that does not allow for TV or radio advertising, we are very pleased with the results".

    Robert Craig, Sales Director, Craig Catamaran


  • "I would like to thank you for your support, guidance and professionalism in carrying out a beautiful marketing program at LAX in conjunction with the "Best Convention Ever"."

    Brenda Cressey, Committee Head, LA2008 Host Organizing Committee


  • “Attraction [perfume] ended up being #1 during the month of the launch. The whole advertising package definitely helped us build an awareness towards the product.”

    Joffrey Chartier, Area Manager, L'Oreal North America
  • JCDecaux has been very accommodating in meeting our marketing needs in a very professional manner regarding our recent LaPrairie campaigns at LAX and Miami airports.


    We’ve received very positive feedback from customers, the operator of the store and even the TSA!

    John Ruck, Field Supervisor, LaPrairie Travel Retail North America

Courtesy Phone Center

  • "There have been times I have considered cancelling our contract for phone service at John Wayne Airport primarily due to the fact that I felt most people used other means to communicate to us for airport pick-up (cell-phones).  Well, let me tell you that during our most recent problem with the disconnection of services for a month, the customer's voice was loud and strong.  We had more complaints about the lack of airport courtesy phones... I was shocked!  Good news is, I won't be cancelling anytime soon."

    Michael J. Mustafa, Director of Sales and Marketing, Westin South Coast Plaza

Education or Government

  • "Airport advertising continues to be an instrumental component of Bethany's marketing and advertising plan.  Our ads are directly responsible for enrolling students each year and greatly enhancing our name recognition and image."

    Brian Ralph, VP for Enrollment and Marketing of Bethany College
  • "We have received more calls from the advertisement purchased at Dallas Love Field Airport than any other advertisement we have ever done.  It was definitely worth our advertising dollars."

    Allison J.H. Thompson, Director of Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation
  • "We are incredibly pleased with the exposure [at LAX, LA/Ontario and Orange County Airports] and have also received a great deal of positive feedback from the administration, alumni, and the local community. We look forward to working with you again soon."

    Matthew Midura, Asst. VP for Integrated Marketing Communications, Pepperdine University
  • We’ve been incredibly pleased with our advertising campaign at BWI airport. The feedback we’ve received from alumnae and alumni, board members, donors, faculty, staff, students and friends of the University who have seen the ads has all been positive. Many comment upon the highly visible placement and strong presence of the ads. We know our campaign has helped us achieve our goal of increasing awareness of our University in the Baltimore area and beyond – so much that we renewed our contract for a second year.


    Everyone we’ve interacted with at JCDecaux was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and worked closely with us to find production and installation solutions that met our marketing and budget goals. Airport advertising has been a great addition to our marketing mix!

    Susan Repko, Director, Marketing Communications - Notre Dame of Maryland University


  • "We believe Airport advertising is a cost-effective way of reaching upscale consumers, and we are delighted with the impact created by our new branding campaign at JFK and LaGuardia Airports."

    Jim Marshall, Group Head Brand Communication, Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • "The international traveler remains an important target for MasterCard in their aim to increase consumer awareness of MasterCard's acceptance no matter where they travel in the world.  JFK International Airport was therefore the perfect location for the client to launch their new global airport creative.  In addition to their holding in Terminals 1 and 7, MasterCard's JFK campaign has expanded to include the arrivals areas of Terminal 4. The sponsorship packages work so effectively that we're also branding the arrivals area of Terminal E."

    Angela Daniels, PSI Advertising Ltd.
  • As quoted in The New York Times: "When you get off a plane or on a plane, you have the same first image.  It's a powerful first image."

    Martin J. G. Glynn, President and Chief Executive, HSBC's American Banking Unit
  • "The U.S. Bank FlexPerks team leveraged the Digital Network at JCDecaux Airports to reach out to a core segment of our audience during critical periods of 2010. Thi execution fit well into our overall strategy and enabled us the flexibility to change relevant messaging and offers throughout the campaign as needed."

    Jason Gednalski, VP Media Marketing Strategy, U.S. Bank
  • " Advertising at Miami International Airport was a key strategy we've developed for our financial client. As a result, they dramatically increased their international exposure and allowed us to target travelers to and from Miami, the number one Latin American market in the U.S. The investment we made in advertising with JCDecaux was minimal compated to the tremendous exposure we received in return - great ROI results!"

    Fabiano Bernardo, OOH Sales Manager - US Media Consulting

Food and Beverages

  • "I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful work JCDecaux has done for Colavita and let you know how pleased our company is with the response and feedback we've received on the Skybridge at Miami International Airport (MIA) featuring Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We truly appreciate the tremendous exposure and trackability of this billboard featuring our name. We chose to advertise our olive oil at MIA during the busy winter season to reach all the travelers visiting Miami for its many food and wine festivals and elite sporting events.


    The Colavita brand is synonymous with premium quality, and we wanted to increase our brand awareness among all the cosmopolitan, global travelers flying in and out of this beautiful airport and city. Our location right outside some of MIA's busiest and most international terminals really captures the audience we want to reach."   

    Ursula Avella, National Chain Account Manager, COLAVITA


  • "This game-changing advertising communicates our innovative approach to meeting customers' needs, and requires an equally innovative medium in which to break through.  High-impact airport dioramas and grouped wall units enabled us to communicate that not only is something new happening at Marriott, but we're connecting with our guests in an equally unique fashion."

    Deborah Fell, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Marriott

Jewelry and Accessories

  • "We are very pleased with our advertising at the Miami International Airport, given the complexities associated with this project.  Dealing with [the Account Executive] and her team was a terrific experience, which we value very much.  Her perseverance with airport officials to get this up is truly commendable.  Showcasing our products on such grand scale and in such prominent locations is extremely valuable to us as it helps us reach our marketing goals."

    Virginie Perrelet, TechnoMarine - Miami

Media and Movies

  • "JCDecaux's global capabilities allowed us to effectively plan and execute the airport campaign."

    Jessica Hirsch , Trahan, Burden & Charles for The Wall Street Journal
  • "We strongly believe our airport advertising for Atonement generated new buzz for the film that we seldom receive through more traditional channels.  We are reminding people to go see this extraordinary film and during Awards season we are reaching out to the Hollywood community who travel the LA-NY corridor.  Our advertising at JFK and LAX has been a real success."

    Robert Wilkinson, Vice President, Media Research, Focus Features
  • "The JCDecaux Digital Airport Network allowed Thomson Reuters to reach both employees and clients in new and unique ways, as well as allowing us the flexibility to change messaging throughout the campaign for a unique product launch that was both time sensitive and targeted."

    Melissa Deml, Marketing Supervisor, Thomson Reuters


  • "Our pharmaceutical clients find that Airport Advertising is a very effective medium for reaching their target audience, either for event marketing or brand recognition purposes.  Our partnership with JCDecaux to deliver these campaigns has always produced great results."

    Betsy McLarney, CEO of EMC Outdoor
  • "When Baptist Health International Center of Miami started their advertising campaign at the airport with JCDecaux, we were not sure if this was going to work.  We have placed the campaign for 7 months already and we have seen wonderful results.  Only in that short period of time the campaign has generated 6 international patients.  We are very pleased with our results and hope to continue this excellent advertising with JCDecaux!"

    Leticia Lopez-Bigott, Business Development Coordinator, Baptist Health International Hospital

Real estate

  • "The dioramas at Miami International Airport continue to drive traffic of our clients' visitors. When asked 'where have you seen our advertising?', answers invariably include the displays at MIA."

    Dennis Klosz, VP Creative and Production, Cipriano Advertising for Fountainblue II and Fountainblue III and Turnberry Ocean Colony


  • "The General Counsel of Columbia, Sussex,(the 10th largest hotel management company in the U.S.) contacted the head of our corporate Labor and Employment group after seeing our watermelon ad at [Dallas] Love Field.  They requested information about our Labor and Employment capabilities even though the ad focuses on the firm's litigation capabilities.  The General Counsel had never heard of us before he saw the ad."

    Blaine Banek, Corporate Communications Director, Strasburger and Price

Sport and Entertainment

  • "If you want to reach your fans, you need to know where to find them.  For our 10 YEARS VANDIT Marathon Show at Space during WMC, it was Miami's Airport! Music lovers, industry people, fans and party people flying in from all over the world had to pass our event promotion.  No better place, no better time."

    Paul Van Dyk, Vandit Records
  • "Advertising at MIA was a fabulous idea for us.  It increased Space Miami's national exposure and allowed us to target travelers who come to Miami for its hot nightlife.  We received hundreds of calls from people who saw our ads about a guest DJ we featured and the night was a killer success.  The investment we made in advertising with JCDecaux was minimal compared to the value we received in return!"

    Louis Puig, President/Owner, Club Space Miami
  • "We are thrilled to provide the official welcome to Orlando.  It is absolutely one of the most unique message mediums in the airport, and we're using it to create a sense of arrival for the millions of visitors who come into Orlando."

    Becca Bides, SeaWorld Spokeswoman


  • "JCDecaux has enabled us to reach our target audience with their attention-grabbing dioramas.  We received several comments from many of our customers who saw our dioramas at MIA.  We're excited that JCDecaux has helped us reach our niche so successfully."

    Gil B. Ines, Marketing Manager, BenQ
  • "JCDecaux's Prestige Digital Network was a great way for my client, Lenovo, to brand their line of ThinkPad notebook computers across multiple markets on one media platform. The locations of the units in high traffic and long dwell time areas combined with the flexibility that the digital advertising format provides was a natural fit for Lenovo."

    David Abehsera, President/Chief Strategic Officer, Woo Agency
  • Over the past several years, Barracuda Networks has worked closely with JCDecaux. Throughout the years, we have relied on JCDecaux’s expertise and vast knowledge to help us to determine the best visibility and branding for our product advertisements. This has opened the door for many sales discussions with interested clients who want to hear more about what we do based solely on the advertisements they’ve seen at various airports. In short, JCDecaux has helped us to facilitate sales leads for which we are extremely grateful.


    Based in the Bay Area, Barracuda Networks is an award-winning company that provides security, networking and storage. We look forward to continuing our relationship with JCDecaux.

    Marc Wolfe - Senior Director of Marketing, Barracuda Networks, Inc.


  • "High-impact airport dioramas and grouped wall units enabled us to communicate that not only is something new happening at Marriott, but we’re connecting with our guests in an equally unique fashion.”

    Deborah Fell, SVP of Marketing Strategy, Marriott
  • "Our continuation of the program [with JCDecaux] was based on in-market research regarding our in-market advertising efforts, and respondents' recall on seeing the ads in the airport [Orlando].  It was sufficient enough for us to determine to continue."

    Carole Pilkington, Marketing Programs Manager, Kissimmee Convention & Vistors Bureau