Airport Testimonials


  • "My clients appreciate the visibility and recognition airport dioramas generate for their businesses.  Time and time again these placements have proven to be an unusually effective and distinctive way to reach business leaders and high level decision makers."

    Jean Komendera, Partner, Gold Dog Communications, Inc.
  • "Airports provide advertisers the opportunity to reach a consumer in a quality environment versus traditional out-of-home.  Additionally, airport displays are intrusive: they are in close radius to the consumer with placements on walkways and check-in areas.  Lastly, the airport traveler is always a good demographic to reach."

    Mary Prisco, Outdoor Vision
  • "JCDecaux's airport advertising provides The Media Kitchen and our clients with a unique angle at reaching today's elusive and busy consumers.  Airport advertising through the open-minded and innovative JCDecaux company allows for interesting targeting opportunities and capabilities.  It also guarantees viewership of our clients' messages and added involvement within a highly relative environment."

    Paul Woolmington, Head Chef, The Media Kitchen
  • "I want to express my continued satisfaction in working with JCDecaux's media opportunities.  We've always been able to come back year after year for all types of airport signage for Emerson and Standard Federal Bank.  We've also seen our regional McDonald's and LaSalle Bank clients advertise on your beautiful bus shelters.  I've been really excited just in the past few months to see our new clients utilize many of JCDecaux's opportunities.  For example, we've had regional McDonald's, LaSalle and Standard Federal Banks to advertise in your malls and we have had the Chicago Tribune advertise on your shelters just in the past four months! To see our clients see the benefits of what your company has to offer and to see them be pleased with the results is very gratifying."

    Alison Kruse, Outdoor Media Group
  • "For many of WPP/Kinetic's blue chip clients, JCDecaux's Prestige Digital Network has become an integral part of their U.S. airport advertising efforts. Some of our Best in Class clients have created animated digital campaigns exclusively for this JCDecaux platform. The flexibility of the network has afforded Aviator - Kinetic's aviation specialist arm - the opportunity to be more strategic in how we plan and recommend airport media in the U.S."

    Erik Bottema, Director, Aviator - North America
  • "Digital media within the JCDecaux airport channel allowed us the opportunity to create a synchronized advertising experience across the entire airport among an audience with the highest propensity to convert. Using digital not only allowed for creative flexibility and maximum relevancy, it was also a great channel to help drive potential cardholders to tabling efforts." 

    Ashley Krysinski, Sr. Strategy Planner, Carlson Marketing
  • Including JCDecaux's airport advertising in our client’s media mix proved to be a smart choice. The JCDecaux team was very helpful in identifying key locations and flexible with value added impressions as we planned to announce our client’s merger. The combination of large size, high impact units coupled with the digital screens delivered splash and reach – perfect for launching our substantial brand message. The excellent placement of the ads and the proximity to our business traveler target as they moved through the various areas of the airport provided the frequency to be memorable. In addition, the ability to target specific demographics and geographies also made airport advertising with JCDecaux an efficient vehicle to utilize as part of our

    integrated media plan.

    Jason Bacharach, Account Director, Source Communications
  • JCDecaux continually sets the bar in the Out-of-Home Media space with elegant structures and forward-thinking executions.  Through our work with JCDecaux we have realized meaningful growth in the airport advertising sector.  Their expertise and attention to detail have helped us make airport advertising a confident solution for our brands.  Going forward we expect to grow our business with JCDecaux in the airport space.

    Rick Robinson, Managing Director, West Coast
  • At Aviator, we see the airport as a unique environment to drive interaction through social media and we feel mobile has the power to shape the behavior of air travelers, introduce a needed level of measurability to the airport environment and enhance the quality of our media programs. With the adoption rate of Smartphones in the airport relatively high, Aviator often seeks to activate media by making mobile an integral part of its overall JCDecaux airport media effort.

    Erik Bottema, Director, Aviator North America