Airport Testimonials


  • "We believe Airport advertising is a cost-effective way of reaching upscale consumers, and we are delighted with the impact created by our new branding campaign at JFK and LaGuardia Airports."

    Jim Marshall, Group Head Brand Communication, Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • "The international traveler remains an important target for MasterCard in their aim to increase consumer awareness of MasterCard's acceptance no matter where they travel in the world.  JFK International Airport was therefore the perfect location for the client to launch their new global airport creative.  In addition to their holding in Terminals 1 and 7, MasterCard's JFK campaign has expanded to include the arrivals areas of Terminal 4. The sponsorship packages work so effectively that we're also branding the arrivals area of Terminal E."

    Angela Daniels, PSI Advertising Ltd.
  • As quoted in The New York Times: "When you get off a plane or on a plane, you have the same first image.  It's a powerful first image."

    Martin J. G. Glynn, President and Chief Executive, HSBC's American Banking Unit
  • "The U.S. Bank FlexPerks team leveraged the Digital Network at JCDecaux Airports to reach out to a core segment of our audience during critical periods of 2010. Thi execution fit well into our overall strategy and enabled us the flexibility to change relevant messaging and offers throughout the campaign as needed."

    Jason Gednalski, VP Media Marketing Strategy, U.S. Bank
  • " Advertising at Miami International Airport was a key strategy we've developed for our financial client. As a result, they dramatically increased their international exposure and allowed us to target travelers to and from Miami, the number one Latin American market in the U.S. The investment we made in advertising with JCDecaux was minimal compated to the tremendous exposure we received in return - great ROI results!"

    Fabiano Bernardo, OOH Sales Manager - US Media Consulting