Airport Testimonials

Media and Movies

  • "JCDecaux's global capabilities allowed us to effectively plan and execute the airport campaign."

    Jessica Hirsch , Trahan, Burden & Charles for The Wall Street Journal
  • "We strongly believe our airport advertising for Atonement generated new buzz for the film that we seldom receive through more traditional channels.  We are reminding people to go see this extraordinary film and during Awards season we are reaching out to the Hollywood community who travel the LA-NY corridor.  Our advertising at JFK and LAX has been a real success."

    Robert Wilkinson, Vice President, Media Research, Focus Features
  • "The JCDecaux Digital Airport Network allowed Thomson Reuters to reach both employees and clients in new and unique ways, as well as allowing us the flexibility to change messaging throughout the campaign for a unique product launch that was both time sensitive and targeted."

    Melissa Deml, Marketing Supervisor, Thomson Reuters