Airport Testimonials

Sport and Entertainment

  • "If you want to reach your fans, you need to know where to find them.  For our 10 YEARS VANDIT Marathon Show at Space during WMC, it was Miami's Airport! Music lovers, industry people, fans and party people flying in from all over the world had to pass our event promotion.  No better place, no better time."

    Paul Van Dyk, Vandit Records
  • "Advertising at MIA was a fabulous idea for us.  It increased Space Miami's national exposure and allowed us to target travelers who come to Miami for its hot nightlife.  We received hundreds of calls from people who saw our ads about a guest DJ we featured and the night was a killer success.  The investment we made in advertising with JCDecaux was minimal compared to the value we received in return!"

    Louis Puig, President/Owner, Club Space Miami
  • "We are thrilled to provide the official welcome to Orlando.  It is absolutely one of the most unique message mediums in the airport, and we're using it to create a sense of arrival for the millions of visitors who come into Orlando."

    Becca Bides, SeaWorld Spokeswoman