National Sales Coordinator - Street Furniture

Department: Sales

Location: Los Angeles

Date: January 29th, 2018

Job Description

Daily Projects:

  • Supports 2-3 Account Executives & VP of Sales as needed – Supports sales in all daily tasks as directed. Assists with the overflow of the other Account Executives.
  • Works directly with clients, ad agency personnel and vendors to secure contracts, directives/instructions for ad campaigns, and creatives on daily basis.                                 
  • Corresponds with clients and agencies in all details of sales process.
  • Works with all internal JCDecaux departments facilitating sales process through the system, making decisions when and where appropriate on timely issues relating to ad programs for all mall/street furniture products.
  • Answers and researches clients’ requests with direction of sales executive.                     
  • Reviews space availabilities for clients as requested and follows-up with proposals/grids of details. 
  • Tracks due dates and stays on top of all parties to ensure timely completion       
  • Accompanies clients/agencies on appropriate product tours; “selling” benefits of the properties often prior to client commitment.
  • Updates and checks for accuracy all contracts that are given to clients.
  • Completes appropriate paperwork for sales flow.                                            
  • Forwards creative information for approval after receipt of pdfs.
  • Sends reminder emails to agencies/clients about upcoming programs.
  • Works fluently in the Monitor computer system booking campaigns, requesting avails, creating posting instructions, distributing key information to sales admin,etc.
  • Updates and revises memos, letters, and forms. (contract, media kit, etc)                                  
  • Prepares documentation for delivery via messengers, mail, & DHL.
  • Troubleshoots daily issues - Computer glitches, client issues/needs. 
  • Generates locations lists and maps for client/agencies on all products.
  • Keeps up-to-date progress chart of advertisers’ timelines for AE
  • Works with Account Executive as a cohesive team providing best client service.
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Weekly Projects:

  • Processes contracts, faxes.  Copies and distributes to all relevant parties.
  • Attends weekly sales meeting.
  • Runs reports as needed by AE’s and management
  • Miscellaneous Projects:
  • Sets-up for client presentations including procurement of meals etc.
  • Attends client meetings, presentations, lunches etc. as required.
  • Works on sales leave-behinds, campaign mini’s
  • Provides competitive reports as requested by clients.
  • Attends client/agency functions to represent JCDecaux. 


  • Ability to work in fast-paced and demanding environments 
  • Strong communicator with excellent multi-tasking skills
  • Problem solver who leans toward how to make a “no” into a “yes”. 
  • Superior written and verbal skills required
  • Ability to work independently
  • Detail oriented
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Bachelor’s degree desired but not required.

If interested, please apply here.