Age is Nothing but A Number

November 28th, 2018

Olay partnered with JCDecaux to launch an innovative campaign, “Dream, No Fear of Aging.” The campaign was to encourage and empower all women not to be defined by their age. In the Passageway of People’s Square station, the giant brand logo made of LED lights led passengers to Olay’s star wall, where a panel of women with different ages and occupations shared their personal stories. The star wall was decorated with 15 stars, each of them representing 15 women with different roles in society, such as housewives, students, or single mothers. When commuters touched one of the stars, the radar sensor would play a recording of the women’s proudest achievements and how this number defines her rather than her age. With this campaign, Olay conveyed their brand message: age is nothing but a number and connected with their audience in a unique way.

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