But First, Coffee!

January 23rd, 2019

Nescafe partnered with JCDecaux to promote their cold brew coffee range. The brand launched an innovative campaign in People’s Square Station in Shanghai.


When people stood in the interactive area, a big coffee bottle would appear on the TV wall and the game would be triggered automatically. By moving their bodies left and right, participants could control the coffee bottle to catch the dripping coffee and try to fill up the bottle in 30 seconds. If the participants managed to fill the bottle within 30 seconds, a QR code appeared on screen and they could redeem a free bottle of cold brew coffee from the vending machine installed in the station. The special build, which contained coffee bottles and coffee beans also included a QR code sticker allowing travelers to play the game on the go on their phone.


This interactive campaign successfully promoted Nescafe’s new cold brew coffee and highlighted the product features in a fun-filled way.

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