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JCDecaux is frontrunner in the realities of OOH

January 31st, 2017

The showstoppers at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show - Augmented RealityVirtual Reality, and the Internet of Things - are a trio of technologies which have seamlessly transitioned into and are becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives. From the multitude of tech products showcased, it is obvious that innovators are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


JCDecaux has mirrored and in some instances been ahead of CES participants in its innovative spirit and willingness to incorporate new technologies within OOH advertising strategies. In 2016 alone, JCDecaux clients capitalized on the latest in AR, VR, and IoT to bring impressive and game changing OOH campaigns to U.S. cities.


Samsung and Boost Mobile chose VR technology to visually explain Boost Mobile’s “Unlimited World” concept, simultaneously generating buzz for Samsung’s Gear VR product and Boost’s phone service. Click here to view the campaign.


Similarly, Google utilized street furniture advertising as a stage for its breakthrough Google Home technology. The search engine outfitted four Chicago transit shelters with rooftops and touchscreens, providing commuters with the opportunity to experience Google Home on the spot. For example, a prompt would appear on the touchscreen asking Google to set the temperature to a certain degree, and heat lamps would subsequently turn on in the shelter. Check out a video of the campaign here.


Leading up to the premiere of ABC Family’s Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, the network giant used AR technology to bring the “shadow world” to life in Boston. Click here to view the campaign.


If the technologies showcased at CES are any indication, the number of applications for AR, VR, and IoT will only continue to grow. Just as the tech industry is abuzz with direct consumer uses for the trio, so too is the OOH advertising community with how we can leverage them to make stronger consumer-brand bonds a reality.

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