Kick it with Tsingtao!

July 30th, 2018

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup event, Tsingtao, a famous Chinese beer brand, launched an innovative campaign to promote their beer at Xujiahui Station in Shanghai.


In conjunction with the global event, Tsingtao dominated a hallway at the busy station and turned it into a football art exhibition. They showcased three giant oil paintings created by famous artists that represented celebratory scenes amongst soccer fans all over the world. Russian dolls were also displayed in between each painting to generously pay tribute to the host country of the World Cup – Russia.


Additionally, they created unique visuals using beer cans inspired by the colors of the countries participating in the World Cup. The beer cans were arranged to express the slogan “come on” in different languages, matching the colors of each country’s national flag.

With this exceptional campaign, Tsingtao successfully brought together a world of individuals and offered an unforgettable cultural experience to traveling soccer fans.

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