MIXC Special Build Evokes Emotions of Shanghai Transport Passengers

November 16th, 2017

Inside the Xujiahui Station, a free pop-up gallery of lights and aromatherapy was on display for the month of September in Shanghai.


Passengers could explore the art of sensation by looking through three specialty cured windows. Each window evoked a different emotional feeling in the abstract through visuals, sound and smell. The first window displayed the deep ocean. Sounds of the sea and the scent of salty water reflected the screens in this open space. The second window exhibited pink tulips being touched by the winds. Passengers paused to take a deep breath here to enjoy the radiant fragrance of the flower. The last window displayed a virtual forest. As passengers leaned into this window, custom sounds of birds and the smell of grass presented itself as a therapeutic reconnection to nature. 


Through this branded experience, hundreds of passengers took a second to reflect and reconnect with their senses and the world around us amid our fast pace, and digital world.   

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