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Standard Digital Screen Creative Guidelines

In order for our clients to get the most out of their Digital campaigns, JCDecaux has developed specific guidelines that will help advertisers produce the most successful programs possible.


  • The production process should start with the concept that you are taking a poster and bringing it to “life”  
  • You want to be able to capture the audience’s attention while ensuring that the corporate brand is obvious during the time the creative runs on the screen 
  • Reduce the copy to what is essential and could be read aloud within 5 seconds due to the short time allotted
  • Keep the message and animation simple and focused; logos and any call-to-action should be on the screen at all times
  • You can reuse assets from print as they are generally of good quality but avoid using web ads, as they were intended to only be displayed in a section of a small desktop screen
  • Use clear, large, easy-to-read fonts: screens can be viewed anywhere from half a foot to as much as 100 feet away 



Each creative spot submitted for a campaign is tied to a slot on the digital network playlist. The terms of your campaign will determine the properties of your slot. Slot properties include the advertiser name, the length of contract (start and expiration date) and the length of time your creative is shown on the digital network playlist. The standard length of time for a slot is 10 seconds. To accommodate video spots longer than 10 seconds, multiple slots can be merged together - however the duration of the video spot can only be in increments of 10 seconds.


Display Orientation: Landscape mode

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Sound: None of our digital units are equipped for audio playback at this time


Video Requirements for Large Screen LCD


Each HD creative spot on the JCDecaux Digital Network must adhere to the following video requirements without exception. All creative content must be sent to your JCDecaux Sales Coordinator.



Specification of Proof Version (used solely for Approval)


• Video Size: 640 x 360 pixels (W x H)

• Progressive (non-interlace) • Square Pixels

• Bit Rate: 750 kbps

• Duration: in increments of ten seconds

• Format: MOV, M2V, MP4, WMV, or MPG

• File(s) can be delivered by email



Specification of Final Version for Posting

• Video Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels (W x H)

• Format: MPEG-4 H.264 (.mp4 or .mov only)

• Progressive (non-interlace) • Square Pixels

• Frame rate: 24-30 frames per second

• Bit Rate: 12-15 Mbps (Constant Bit Rate)

• Duration: in increments of ten seconds

• No Opening Slate or Audio

• Non Post Stream

• File(s) can be delivered using any file sharing server link



Creative Assistance

lue Pony is the JCDecaux preferred vendor for the production of custom motion ads for the JCDecaux Digital Signage Network (DSN), which includes PDPs, PDUs, IVCs and Bag Claim Units. Blue Pony provides a suite of services where they can accept images from artwork or websites and produce short-form videos. The videos can be fully-animated or semi-animated using a pre-animated Blue Pony template option. The client would fill out a content creation form and submit their artwork to Blue Pony. Blue Pony would respond by the next business day with a quote for the work and a storyboard for the proposed animation. Upon approval by the client, via their onlineportal, the client would be able to review the first draft and make comments before receiving the final version for posting on the JCDecaux DSN. 


Digital Production Costs

All digital production costs (including, but not limited to, digital enhancement costs) are the advertiser’s responsibility.  JCDecaux can provide contact details of preferred vendor(s) or the advertiser may use their own digital production team (as long as they comply with JCDecaux digital playback system).

The enhancement of adding a web-based data feed to a digital spot provides the advertiser with the ability to produce data-driven dynamic creative based on the weather, news, sports scores, financial data or other RSS/XML based feeds.  The custom integration of a web-based data feed into a digital spot is the responsibility of the advertiser.  Any cost for access to the data feed (based on the duration of the campaign) and any programming charges for the development of the dynamic digital spot with the JCDecaux Digital playback system are the responsibility of the advertiser.  These charges will be derived from the scope of work and the deliverable timeframe.  JCDecaux can provide details of their preferred vendor(s) or the advertiser may use their own digital production team.