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Why Airport Digital Advertising?

JCDecaux’s Airport digital programs are unique advertising offerings specifically designed and strategically placed to reach the exclusive airport audience with a premier advertising medium. Whether an advertiser chooses one of our Networks or a singular sign, digital advertising offers creative flexibility that is unparalleled: advertisers can target highly specific audiences and change their messages in real time. These digital networks are found in clusters throughout the airport’s key pulse points, creating a hard-to-miss synchronization of our high-definition (HD) screens, increasing frequency and visibility by simply branding any one airport terminal.


Our HD LCD and LED screens reach passengers in high trafficked areas in the airport: pre and post security, capturing travelers in a high dwell time area. According to Nielsen/Scarborough, 56% of JCDecaux airport travelers have viewed a digital display in the past month and are two times more likely to view digital displays in airports than the average adult in JCDecaux airport DMAs.


JCDecaux Airports have a digital presence in 16 countries and 69 international airports worldwide. With over 5,200 digital advertising faces globally, this number is ever-growing.