Arbitron Outdoor Study

The Arbitron Outdoor Study is a comprehensive examination of American pedestrian traffic, vehicle drivers/passengers, commuters and their media habits. As one of America’s most respected media information services companies, Arbitron is excited to present this study on the media habits of Americans exposed to Outdoor advertising. We will profile American pedestrians and vehicle drivers/passengers and examine their media habits in terms of newspaper readership, local television news viewership and radio listenership.

First and foremost, these data reveal the significant reach of Outdoor media, whether targeted to pedestrians or vehicle drivers/passengers. We will see how Outdoor media can play a critical role in a media plan by reaching consumers who are not exposed to either newspaper or local television news. Additionally, this study shows how Outdoor media and radio grow in consumer exposure and complement each other in a media plan.

In addition to the impressive reach, this study clearly demonstrates Outdoor media’s ability to reach a core group of consumers repeatedly. We will focus on those consumers heavily exposed to Outdoor media, since they rack up high mileage in vehicles and walk significant pedestrian mileage. We will introduce several new consumer groups: “Power-Pedestrians,” “Mega-Milers,” and “Super-Commuters.” Each of these consumer groups represents 20 percent to 30 percent of Americans who generate a majority of time spent with Outdoor media.

This study is Arbitron’s gift to the Outdoor industry, provided free of charge and available on Arbitron’s Web site ( as well as on the site of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America ( We hope the study proves to be both interesting and useful to advertisers, agencies and Outdoor media alike. Arbitron has a long tradition of providing insightful and valuable industry studies to advertisers and media, covering a myriad of topics including Internet use, radio listening, streaming media and now Outdoor media.

In the future, Arbitron will generate additional studies focusing on Outdoor media, especially utilizing the resources of Scarborough Research. Scarborough is the most respected and utilized qualitative database in America today. Scarborough provides data on what people buy and where they shop in 75 top U.S. markets. In addition, Scarborough provides a huge national database. With an annual sample size of over 200,000, Scarborough offers the most comprehensive measures for the Outdoor industry.

Only Scarborough provides local Outdoor measures on specific roads traveled, time spent commuting, miles traveled, pedestrian traffic, along with the most detailed local retail database in the world.

This report begins with a summary of highlights from the study, follows with key findings detailed in a point-by-point manner, and concludes by offering recommendations. Several appendices provide detailed profiles of the Outdoor media audience.


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