Qwikker Study - Virgin Mobile

Top performance by Qwikker at Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile called on Qwikker to assist in the launch campaign of the new “boredom busting” Virgin BITES service, a new mobile site dedicated to keeping Virgin Mobile customers entertained.

Virgin Mobile wanted to reach beyond their own subscriber base and simultaneously promote acts performing at the V-Festival through the distribution of highly desirable, high quality mobile content via a fast, reliable and user-friendly platform.

To best represent the variety of experiences available at the festival, Qwikker developed a bespoke ‘channel’ of Virgin Mobile content, rather than pushing out a single ringtone. The channel included videos by Kasabian, Morrissey and Young Knives, as well as Red Bull, and even a movie trailer for upcoming film Little Miss Sunshine. In addition, there was a direct link to a competition site for Virgin Mobile subscribers and information on BITES.

The channel was delivered to festival goers’ handsets for free via Bluetooth, and they could then download choices at leisure since the branded channel remains saved on handset. Even once they had left the festival or just moved out of Bluetooth range, fans could use WAP connectivity for further downloading, so the content was available long after the festival was over.

Qwikker connected with an impressive 30,000 of the 85,000 estimated attendees over the 2 days, and reports that indie rock band Kasabian’s video was the most popular download choice.


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