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Why Innovate Advertising?  |  U.S. Overview  |  History  |  World Overview

Why JCDecaux Innovate Advertising?

Today, advertisers continuously try to be more inventive to encourage engagement and recall from their campaigns. JCDecaux is dedicated to creating bespoke outdoor solutions, tailored to achieving our clients' advertising objectives. 

From exciting brand launches to awareness campaigns, JCDecaux will take a marketing objective from concept to on-street reality. By providing the cutting-edge in outdoor innovation, JCDecaux adds a new experiential dimension to out-of-home communication.

JCDecaux reviews creative briefs and finds ways to use bus shelters, kiosks, news stands, and free-standing structures to showcase products, services, and entertainment in ways never before considered. Our goal is to deliver attention-grabbing campaigns that reach people while they are out-and-about.

JCDecaux Innovate Advertising Benefits:

  • Benefit from working with our team of Innovate specialists who will help you generate ideas to make your advertising more interactive and engaging
  • Become an overnight sensation; many JCDecaux Innovate campaigns have been featured on local and national news, in newspapers, and on web media outlets adding life and extended reach to their campaigns
  • Allow for direct response to your ad, with call to action messages by including website addresses, phone numbers/texting options, to extend the life of your campaign
  • Boost campaign awareness and generate impact by owning the bus shelter through the use of wraps, showcase displays, and special build-outs
  • Interact with your entire audience through product trial by dispensing leaflets, products or coupons. You can also invite them to cast their vote on any designated topic by using our polling stations
  • Catch people off guard by projecting images of the advertised products or logos onto the sidewalk, or by using posters that light up at night
  • Engage the imagination and senses of your consumers by providing warmth, a cool breeze, or by releasing a scent/smell
  • Combine the power of static advertisements with moving images to showcase trailers or various product information by using touch-sensitive buttons allowing people to choose what they watch or learn
  • Captivate your audience with moving images through the use of lenticular ads or by using magic mirrors that reveal hidden messages

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U.S. Overview

In April 2006, JCDecaux’s U.S. Innovate division was launched on the streets of Chicago. For the release of Paramount Pictures’ Mission Impossible: III, our team outfitted bus shelters with 19-inch flatscreens to showcase their trailer, and we haven’t looked back since.


Over the past 10 years, JCDecaux has hosted an advertising Upfront, where we exhibit our most innovative campaigns and where we reveal our new product line for the coming year. This exclusive in-house event is currently held at our New York City office and attended by over 800 clients and media buyers. During this 8-week event, our Account Executives present the latest and greatest in Outdoor Advertising and provide an overview of what to expect from JCDecaux in the year to come. Concepts include Special Builds, Experientials, Touchscreens, Dipensers, Showcases and much more!


As innovation in Outdoor advertising continues to create excitement and add value for both clients and consumers, JCDecaux is on hand to assist with the creation of outstanding and truly memorable campaigns.

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In 1996, JCDecaux London produced a special build for the release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians by outfitting a 1-foot x 96-foot sheet site with 101 cut-outs of Dalmatian puppies, complete with mechanical wagging tails. In 2001, JCDecaux Innovate was officially launched in the UK as the first division dedicated entirely to producing custom-made outdoor solutions.  The first two campaigns were for BBC Radio and Altoids.


JCDecaux Innovate has expanded into 46 countries worldwide. Leveraging the knowledge and experience we've acquired from our subsidiaries around the world, we've been highly successful in bringing Innovate products to the U.S.


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World Overview

JCDecaux North America is part of an international media and communications company, JCDecaux Out-of-Home Media Group, founded in 1964. JCDecaux is the world leader in out-of-home media with advertising panels across more than 60 countries that reach over 345 million people worldwide every day.

For 50 years JCDecaux has delivered quality and innovative outdoor advertising solutions. We are the only company worldwide to focus exclusively on out-of-home and have a presence in all areas of the market - street furniture, billboards, transport and digital. In 2001, JCDecaux's Innovate division was launched in the UK and is now present in 46 countries.


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