Advertising campaign
Illuminated panel
Advertising campaign
Busy street in Sydney
Advertising campaign
Fully wrapped bus shelter in Sydney
Advertising campaign
Illuminated panel showcasing precious stones

Take a walk in the heart of Stoneleigh Vineyard

December 27th, 2016

Through a cleverly crafted OOH campaign, Stoneleigh Vineyard succeeded in recreating the setting of Rapaura, the New Zealand village where its wines are made, and in transforming the heart of Sydney into a wonder of nature. The vineyard offered zones of natural beauty by fully wrapping five transit shelters in breathtaking views of the famous vineyard and installing showcases which featured precious stones common to Rapaura alongside a selection of Stoneleigh wines. These unique panels were illuminated beautifully at night to exhibit Stoneleigh’s popular wines such as their Sauvignon Blanc to Sydney residents.

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