Eyes On Studies

It’s often said, “Seeing is believing.” In that case, new research conducted by Perception Research Services for MallScape offers an indisputable view of what this new medium delivers for advertisers.


Over 100 shoppers at one of the largest malls in the country, Roosevelt Field, participated in this unique study. They wore special “eyeglasses” that recorded virtually everything they saw while shopping. Shoppers were asked to participate in a study of their shopping experience and had no knowledge of the intent to examine how often they looked at MallScape advertising. Analysis of 53 video-taped hours of their shopping experiences, including the equivalent of more than 24 hours of nonstop walking in the common areas of the mall revealed outstanding results.

Principal Findings

  • A MallScape network (i.e., 10 ad faces) generates an average of 5.8 exposures per shopper each time he or she visits the mall
  • Shoppers see 99 MallScape ads during an average visit to the mall
  • Shoppers in common areas of the mall see a MallScape ad every 25 seconds
  • 100% of shoppers in common areas of the mall see MallScape advertising

Furthermore, with this study, MallScape goes beyond traditional media's standard audience definition based on merely the "opportunity to see" advertising. MallScape, in fact, is the first medium to present its audience and corresponding CPMs to advertisers based on observed "Eyes-On" exposure to the advertising.

Mallscape is likely to. . .

“Inform Me About New Products and Remind Me About Others I Am Familiar With”

When asked to consider the advertising they saw during their visit to the mall today, 77% said MallScape is likely to inform them about new products that might be of interest to them. And 80% responded MallScape is likely to remind them about products they “are familiar with and might buy either while in the mall or later.”

Overwhelming approval for mallscape in “my mall”

98% of all mall shoppers who expressed an opinion agreed that MallScape was “a welcome and appropriate addition” to Roosevelt Field. And when probed as to why they wanted MallScape structures in their mall, they responded with a broad range of reasons, including showing different things that are available to buy and making the mall look more attractive.

Real Time Measurement reveals breakthrough CPMs

Virtually every medium reports its audience in terms of “opportunities to see” advertising. Every medium, that is, except MallScape. This new landmark research allows JCDecaux to provide advertisers with “Eyes On” audience measurement of ads seen! For other media, the difference between “Opportunities To See” and actual “Eyes-On” exposure is greater than 25% of the reported audience. Comparing “Eyes-On” audience-based CPM’s by medium reveals MallScape’s truly outstanding value – including a 48% efficiency advantage vs. Outdoor.


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