Healthcare is a top concern among MallScape shoppers - nearly 90% have health insurance for themselves and their family. Adult MallScape shoppers spend millions every year on products, services and programs to ensure the highest levels of wellness. They value quality care and have high expectations of health products and services that they will use.


Scarborough researches indicates that:


In the last three years, 78% of MallScape shoppers have used hospital services and 46% other medical facility services.


69% of MallScape shoppers participate in a PPO, PSO, or HMO program.


Across our mall portfolio, adult shoppers are 57% more likely to enroll in a fee-paid weight loss program, 52% more likely to have cosmetic surgery procedures done, and 33% more likely to meet with a dermatologist than most adults in the JCDecaux MallScape DMAs.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU