MallScape Delivers Exposure and Impact for ABC Family TV Show

Females ages 14-34 notice Mallscape advertising backlit panels and respond well to this form of advertising.

General Findings

  • 96% of women notice MallScape advertising
  • 79% say it is helpful to advertise TV shows at the mall
  • 75% agree “the ad is in places in the mall where it catches my eye”
  • 60% say that MallScape reminds them to watch the show

Increase Show Recall

Campaign Objective #1

  • Between the pre and post study, the awareness of the show increased by 42% in the test malls displaying MallScape ads
  • In the control malls, awareness increased by 11%
  • MallScape advertising gave a 31% lift in the overall recall of the ABC show
  • Half of the recall in the test malls carrying advertising for the ABC Family show was unaided

Increase Show Viewership

Campaign Objective #2

  • 30% more women watched “10 things I hate about you” after being exposed to the MallScape campaign. Viewership increased by only 8% in the control malls with no Mallscape advertising, solely relying on their TV, radio and online advertising
  • MallScape advertising was able to convert 22% more viewers

Increase ABC Family Network Awareness

Campaign Objective #3

  • The unaided awareness of ABC Family Network between the pre and post stages of the study increased by 34% in the malls with advertising
  • In the control malls awareness increased by 8%
  • MallScape advertising generated a 26% lift in the recall of the ABC Family Network


  • MallScape is a driving force in any advertiser's media mix
  • MallScape's well-dispersed backlit panels successfully introduced this new ABC Family show and successfully reminded the audience to tune in, which resulted in increased viewership
  • Women who had seen the ad in the test malls not only spontaneously remembered the name of the show, but also remembered that it was shown on ABC Family; fewer women in the control malls without the advertising could remember the name of the show or the network it was being shown on

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