Packaged Goods

MallScape’s super-regional malls are always busy with shoppers, moviegoers or people just grabbing a bite to eat. Ranking third most frequented place after home and work, the mall can provide Packaged Goods Advertisers a key opportunity to reach the busy American consumer. American households maintain very busy lifestyles— juggling work, family life, and personal recreation. Their schedules during the week are so full that it has become increasingly necessary to shop and run their errands whenever they find a free moment— after work, during their lunch hour and especially on the weekends.


Packaged Goods Advertisers can count on MallScape to reinforce their other media efforts, reaching their audience when they are most susceptible to stop by a supermarket or drug store on their way home.


Additionally, MallScape is the perfect venue to reach the light TV viewers. It reinforces your message to those who have already been exposed to it but also reaches those in your target demo who you may have missed. 45% of MallScape shoppers in JCDecaux MallScape DMAs belong to the 4th and 5th quintiles of television viewership - meaning they are in the light and lightest viewership categories.

Scarborough research indicates that:

99% of all MallScape shoppers make weekly trips to grocery stores, while 40% of them go to a convenience store at least once a week.


79% of MallScape shoppers spend over $100 weekly on their grocery bill while 42% of Dolphin Mall shoppers spend $200+ on groceries per week.


In the Chicago DMA, MallScape shoppers account for 22% of all dollars spent on grocery items.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU