MacArthur Center

Norfolk, VA


This state-of-the-art, three-level, enclosed shopping mall is located in southeastern Virginia in the heart of downtown Norfolk, just a few blocks from the historic harbor. MacArthur Center is providing new and unprecedented shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities for the nearly 50,000 people working in downtown offices as well as the region's five million tourists. This mall also offers easy access to the attractive communities of Hampton Roads via the excellent regional highway system.

Anchored by

Nordstrom and the state's largest Dillard's

Demographics Trade area
Norfolk-Virginia Beach CBSA
Population 1,435,458 1,764,516
Households 543,615 660,813
Average HH Income $73,296 $77,630

Shopper Characteristics

MacArthur Center has wide draw and extremely high penetration among the highest income segments. A burgeoning young, urban professional singles segment is following the redevelopment of downtown Norfolk adjacent to the center. 40% of shoppers have children under 18 at home.

They are 35% more likely to have a household income in excess of $100,000 than the average adult in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach DMA.

Location: 300 Monticello Avenue - Norfolk, VA 23510