MallScape Testimonials

Education or Government

  • "We believe that MallScape advertising provides much value for branding and direct response.  We are trying to make everyone in town aware of DMAC, and having our ad in the mall has helped us reach that goal - we had several enrollments from students who directly referenced the ad as a reason for applying.  Students may research us on the internet or attend a presentation at their school; having an additional large advertisement than they see in the mall on a regular basis helps boost their confidence in our college as a reputable learning institution."

    Tony Palmieri, Executive Vice President, Digital Media Arts College
  • "Over the weekend I visited Tyson's Corner Center, a premiere mall with over 300 upscale stores that is near my home.  Imagine my surprise to see a HUGE copy of one of our Small Step ads at the entrance to one of the food areas! Wonderful placement and a location that will get a huge amount of traffic."

    Ellen Field, Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Health, Office of Public Health & Science