State Street - Macy's Domination

This Domination package allows advertisers to blanket one of Chicago's busiest retail districts. This program can provide:

  • Coverage of State and Washington and State and Randolph,  the two busiest blocks in the entire loop (21,000 cars daily and 24,000 pedestrians every weekday)
  • An ideal network for Apparel and Cosmetic brands sold at Macy's and Sears
  • A boost in campaign awareness with a saturation of bus shelter and CIP ads using scrolling technology and Newsstands
  • Heightened visibility during the Holiday Season with the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade taking place on State St. and the millions of shoppers who flock to State St. for their holiday shopping
  • Coverage:
    State Street Retail District
  • Distribution:
    8 Bus Shelters: Including 4 scrolling panels = 12 ad faces + 4 static ad faces
    3 Newsstands: Including 9 ad faces
    2 CIPs: Including 6 ad faces
    Total 31 backlit ad faces

Map Legend

icon Street Furniture

map overlay icon Macy's

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