Creating Award Winning Outdoor

Designing outdoor advertising is visual storytelling. The expression of an idea can surprise viewers with words or
excite them with pictures. Through the use of humor or drama, outdoor designs can influence consumer decisions and
sell products. However, designing for the outdoor medium is a challenging communication task that requires the expression of a
concept with clarity and austere focus. When outdoor advertising is well designed, it will entertain and intrigue consumers with arresting impact.  Outdoor designs depicting positive product or social benefits generally achieve better recall responses
among viewers than designs with inaccurate or misleading product information. A call to action is an effective technique for engaging a viewer.  Outdoor displays that include Internet addresses, telephone numbers and special offers can produce impressive results.  Humor is a powerful design choice for outdoor executions.  Both humorous and intriguing designs require less media weight to build awareness than mundane executions. The element of surprise can grab a viewer’s attention. Sometimes a
serious approach to outdoor design is appropriate and the results can be striking.