Smart Shelters Connect Street Campaign with Web Traffic Initiatives

February 27th, 2018

JCDecaux partnered with a leading mobile partner to enhance the impact and reach of Curacao Tourism’s Out-of-Home campaign in both Chicago and New York. To measure ad exposure, a geo-fence of .1 mile was placed around each OOH asset in both markets. Click Through Rate (CTR) was tracked by the mobile campaign, driving users to Curacao Tourism’s landing page. Overall, a total of 4,505 clicks were driven: New York contributed to 2,517 clicks and 1,988 clicks were contributed by Chicago. The impression goal of 1,875,000 was also met over the four-week period.


JCDecaux’s OOH + mobile campaign successfully increased visitation to the Curacao Tourism website, with the final click through rate two times higher than the industry benchmark.

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