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Hoboken PATH Train Station
Picture of the property
Pavonia PATH Train Station

Real Estate

PATH commuters are affluent professionals who commute from New Jersey or lower Manhattan to either the Financial District or Midtown Manhattan. Their above average household incomes allow them to own expensive dwellings and to invest in premium residential developments.


The average market value of PATH commuters’ homes is $529,148 – slightly higher than the New York DMA market average. Regarding PATH commuters, Scarborough research reports that:

  • 43% own their residence
  • 38% live in single family housing
  • 49% live in apartments, condos, or co-ops

Additionally, 18% of PATH passengers own a second home. Scarborough reports that:

  • 7% use it for their vacation
  • 8% use it as an investment
  • They are 19% more likely to invest in real estate than the average adult in the New York DMA

Over 18 million PATH commuters reside on the “Gold Coast”—along the banks of the Hudson River facing Manhattan, on the New Jersey side. This area is currently experiencing intensive economic development, consisting largely of high-density residential buildings, office towers, and retail centers, making it very appealing to many of the people riding the PATH.