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Port Authority Bus Terminal Advertising


Located in Times Square on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in New York City, the PABT it is the world's busiest bus terminal and the largest one in the United States serving over 200,000 daily passengers. The PABT primarily serves commuters who take the bus from New Jersey and hail from some of the most exclusive suburbs in the country, such as Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex and Union counties.

The PABT currently hosts 10 sit-down and fast-food restaurants, and 12 shops and service-oriented stores.

Various advertising programs are available, from standard coverage of the entire bus terminal to stand-alone spectaculars inside or outside of the buildings.

Commuter's profile

  • 80% of commuters are executives, managers and other professionals on their way to and from work
  • These professionals have an average HHI of $97,400
  • 51% are 25-44 years old; 34% are 45-64; 10% are under 25 and 5% are 65+
  • 68% of travelers use the Terminal 5+ days per week
  • 13% commute through the Bus Terminal to access NYC's recreation and shopping districts

Market information

PABT is located in the heart of New York City in Times Square right across from the New York Times building.

With the massive revitalization of the nearby theater district in the 1990s, the Bus Terminal followed suit with a revitalization of its own. Since then, the Port Authority has dedicated significant efforts and resources to strengthen its reputation as a first-class transportation center.

Commuter buses depart the midtown Manhattan Terminal to locations in New Jersey, New York's Rockland and Orange Counties, upstate New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. National bus lines such as Greyhound, Peter Pan and Bonanza serve a much wider range of destinations.  There are also multiple bus lines traveling daily to Atlantic City casinos.