Transportation Testimonials


  • "We measured [the campaign's] effectiveness through hits to our website and conversion to sales leads through an online form.  On the form we ask how they'd heard of FactSet.  Most prospects have cited, almost 2:1 in the New York area, that they saw our ads on the PATH Train."

    Karen Ashley, Marketing Manager for FactSet
  • "I was very happy with the service I received from my Account Executive at JCDecaux.  She was well informed about the advertising layout throughout the PATH stations and what would be most effective for my business.  Through her guidance I was able to gain more exposure and, as a result, more activity."

    Sal Grasso, CPA at Grasso & Company, LLC

Food and Beverages

  • "The PATH station sampling promotion was a huge success for my client! It offered a unique way of gaining a tremendous amount of brand recognition to daily commuters who reside within the Metro region".

    Karen L. Houchens, President of Metro Marketing Concepts
  • "Our PATH campaign has brought us many people mentioning the ad.  It's hard to say how many [customers] it has brought us who saw the ad but didn't mention it.  It definitely has paid off."

    Chung Park, Owner of The Cheese Store
  •  “With our two-week PABT sampling promotion, we were able to reach approximately 3, 500 people passing through the bus terminal, handing out over 2,400 cheese samples per day! We thank JCDecaux for accommodating Cabot Creamery and for presenting such an innovative way to gain brand recognition. We look forward to working with you soon!”

    Karen Houchens, Regional Market Manager for Cabot Creamery Cooperative


  • “[Advertising with an Exhibit and Car Cards at Hoboken PATH station] really gave us the chance to speak about Bliss face to face and the backdrop of our visuals was great.  We sampled, got people to sign up for our email list, gave away prizes, and spread the word directly to the people who live right there. We really loved it. It was important aspect of the package to take advantage of so I’m glad we did”.

    Gillian Christian, Brand Manager, Bliss Spa
  • “Advertising at PATH stations is really so easy! I was very happy to see that both new and old customers spotted our posters when travelling through the stations. We are now considering making PATH advertising a regular part of our planned campaigns.”

    Rick Huett, Body Balance Massage Therapy, Hoboken
  • “Advertising in the PATH station enabled us to reach thousands of people in our target market at a very reasonable cost. The weeks after our posters went up, we saw a significant number of new clients who specifically mentioned them. We made our money back in a matter of days. I'd highly recommend PATH advertising to any business interested in reaching the masses”.

    Emily Gonce, Owner, The Hoboken Man


  • "Marriott Vacation Time Share initially contracted the space for 4 weeks however they extended their stay for 10 months due to the success of their campaign. On average, 90 people per week signed up for their time share while only present twice a day during rush hour for a couple of hours."

    Carmen Parez, Regional Marketing Director, Marriott Vacation Club International