Transportation Testimonials

Food and Beverages

  • "The PATH station sampling promotion was a huge success for my client! It offered a unique way of gaining a tremendous amount of brand recognition to daily commuters who reside within the Metro region".

    Karen L. Houchens, President of Metro Marketing Concepts
  • "Our PATH campaign has brought us many people mentioning the ad.  It's hard to say how many [customers] it has brought us who saw the ad but didn't mention it.  It definitely has paid off."

    Chung Park, Owner of The Cheese Store
  •  “With our two-week PABT sampling promotion, we were able to reach approximately 3, 500 people passing through the bus terminal, handing out over 2,400 cheese samples per day! We thank JCDecaux for accommodating Cabot Creamery and for presenting such an innovative way to gain brand recognition. We look forward to working with you soon!”

    Karen Houchens, Regional Market Manager for Cabot Creamery Cooperative