DATA. Fueling Audience Insights and Campaign Effectiveness for OOH.

JCDecaux Data Solutions is a portfolio of global and local data solutions that enable advertisers to maximize the power of their media investment.  Whether pre, during or post-campaign, the consistent approach to OOH is "data by design", to deliver improved results for advertisers.

The rise of the smartphone has enabled a massive transformation in the use of data for personalization in digital marketing, yielding greater performance and increased campaign effectiveness.  With these toolsets, marketers are able to speak to individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Given that Out-Of-Home is fundamentally a one-to-many medium, here at JCDecaux we are pioneering strategies and tactics to deploy data for the purpose of “mass personalization” in outdoor advertising in a privacy friendly manner.

The "digital transformation" that out-of-home has been going through now includes the use of a data-driven approach to make it a more contextualized experience.

3 Core Pillars

JCDecaux Data Solutions has been built around 3 core pillars, designed to help advertisers achieve their marketing objectives and creating an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions connecting the dots between marketing and business results.

ENHANCE YOUR PLANNING WITH DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTSOptimize media planning, content delivery and creativity to maximize impact on your target audience. Plan with a complete understanding of your audience around OOH assets and tailor your message for maximum visual impact and relevance.
CREATE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES THROUGHOUT THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLEConnect with your audience more effectively and efficiently to create memorable and engaging experiences. Heighten consideration and amplify the impact of all media touchpoints across multiple media.
ASSESS THE IMPACT OF YOUR STRATEGYEvaluate campaign performance and measure against your KPIs. From brand building metrics to business impacts, leverage our measurement solutions to assess successes and areas for growth and future optimization.

JCDecaux’s partnership with Neustar ElementOne enables marketers to identify their most desirable audiences and reach them with location-based accuracy via sophisticated, innovative displays.

This partnership enables advertisers to unify the consumer experience across the digital and physical worlds through advanced audience planning capabilities, engaging audiences holistically and effectively to drive ROI and grow brand-consumer relationships.

JCDecaux partners with Geopath as our primary source of Audience Impression, Reach & Frequency media metrics, and these metrics are used as the currency for OOH & DOOH media transactions.  Geopath uses state-of-the-art data, technology, and media research methodologies along with a holistic, integrated approach to provide powerful tools that measure and analyze audience location and show how consumers engage with out of home advertising. More details at:

DYNAMIC ADS. Contextually relevant content for all digital campaigns.

Within Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH), data can be used to enhance a client’s creative content, providing more dynamic and engaging experiences to potential viewers.

Examples of these data sources include Weather, Flight Information and Language Customization allowing marketers to contextualize the advertising content for their target audience, driving higher ad recall and brand association metrics.

MOBILE: Bridging the Physical & Digital worlds.

Using geo-location insights coupled with behavioral data, Mobile helps amplify the Out-of-Home campaign to further an advertiser’s campaign reach.

JCDecaux geo-fencing strategies enabled by our ecosystem of vetted mobile platform partners will allow you (Brands) to continue the conversation by delivering mobile advertising banners to your target audience when they are within a defined geofence or proximity of your OOH placements and while they are using an ad- supported app or browsing the web on their phone.

By utilizing these geo-fencing strategies, you can create a lasting connection between your brand and your target consumer beyond the physical space.  Combining an OOH campaign with Mobile provides the following benefits:

  • Amplify your impressions
  • Heighten your branded content
  • Increase reach
  • Drive consumers down the marketing funnel, from awareness to web visitation or product purchase

We take an agnostic approach to campaign effectiveness measurement and work within an ecosystem of measurement solutions that have been vetted for their methodology, data practices and capabilities.

Data can be used to prove the effectiveness of OOH as a medium for Brands by measuring if the campaign met Key Performance Indicators such as:

  • Measuring brand metrics (recall, association, intent, perception, etc.) 
  • Driving people to a store (in-store or online)
  • Driving sales (in-store or online)
  • Social behavior (like, share, comment)
  • Tune-in or click (TV, radio, website)



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