A holistic partnership with stakeholders: JCDecaux works to make urban landscapes more livable, comfortable and sensible.

JCDecaux engages with community leaders, urban planners and local government authorities to provide amenities desired in communities, while also considering the aesthetics of each environment.  Through public-private partnerships with JCDecaux, local governments and communities design street furniture installations that complete neighborhoods, providing comfort and shade.  Our transit infrastructure is a central element for urban solutions focused on advancing mobility equity.

Collaborating with stakeholders who are reinventing the transit space to be more accessible, resilient and vibrant, JCDecaux uses data to identify solutions that are responsive to the needs of the transit rider. From the installation to the maintenance of shelters and automated public toilets providing comfort and enhancing transit mobility at bus rapid transit median locations, JCDecaux street furniture programs are transforming the user’s experience in response to, and in partnership with, the communities we serve.

JCDecaux bus shelters on streetscapes in New York, Chicago and Boston are examples of successful public-private partnerships, providing comfort and protection from the elements to the daily bus ridership.