3.9M passengersfly through JCDecaux Airports each year
42 Private Airportsacross the U.S.
Coverage in 8 of the top 10 DMAsNew York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Jose, Atlanta, Houston

Private Aviation: Reaching the world’s highest concentration of ultra-wealthy consumers with digital advertising opportunities at private airports across the U.S.

JCDecaux Elite’s private aviation media network has digital advertising opportunities in 30 airports throughout the country, serving top business and leisure destinations for the nation’s elite. This new media offering is in partnership with Atlantic Aviation, one of the leading operators for private airports in the U.S. With nationwide coverage in 8 of the top 10 DMAs, our exclusive digital advertising gives brands access to the country’s best business markets, luxury ski and beach retreats, and renowned entertainment destinations.

Advertising at private airports offers access to a growing audience of the most affluent and elusive consumers in Out-of-Home. Private jet aircraft make up more than half of the nation’s business aviation fleet and this is likely to increase, with $162 billion projected to be spent on sales of new and used private jets through 2025. Advertising domestically with JCDecaux Elite is guaranteed to capture the attention of the ultra-wealthy; jet owners have a median net worth of $190 million and 71% of the world’s private jets are located in the U.S.

  • 112,250 individuals in the U.S. with a net worth of $30M or more. (Wealth X)
  • Nearly half of all individuals with a net worth between $5-30M live in the U.S. (Wealth X)
  • Over 300 private aircraft are registered publicly to Fortune 100 companies. The average company owns 3 aircraft. (Business Jet Traveler)
  • 95% of the nation’s top businesses fly private. (Business Jet Traveler)
  • Celebrities are expected to buy 1/5th of all new jets over the next decade. (The Guardian)
  • $12.5B was spent on sports-related transportation in 2019. (Sports Business Journal)


In addition to the digital network targeting the growing demand for this elite private jet audience, JCDecaux will manage all sponsorship and experiential opportunities at Atlantic Aviation’s facilities. JCDecaux Elite will expand with additional digital locations in the first year of operation and will eventually expand to all 80 Atlantic Aviation airports for advertising, sponsorship, and experiential opportunities.

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