11 million Mallscape shoppersin the past month
$150 spent per visitby weekly shoppers
83% of Americans visit mallsat least once a week

mallsCAPE: Capturing consumers with a boutique portfolio of upscale malls.

JCDecaux works in partnership with 19 of the most elite shopping malls across the country. We offer an unbeatable opportunity to clients that connects them with target audiences at the point of sale. Our MallScape successfully appeals to Gen Z teens, families, and fashion forward shoppers.

In addition to our six-foot backlit displays, JCDecaux MallScape is now offering digital networks to ensure brands’ products and services stand out with messages contextualized to audience, time, and place when shoppers are evaluating their purchases. 

Shopping malls are America's downtowns where people of all ages can meet, relax, and shop. A social sanctuary for teens and a one-stop-shop for adults, malls have progressed to offer experience on top of convenience. Keeping leisure and entertainment at the forefront of their business strategies, malls offer shoppers the opportunity to attend concerts and movies, relaxing spas, restaurants, and of course, shop at their favorite stores, all in one trip.

  • According to a survey by Alexander Babbage,  about 70% of monthly purchases made by people ages 13-24 are made in malls
  • ICSC reports that: 78% of consumers prefer to shop in-store;
  • 73% of consumers prefer to try on or touch merchandise before purchasing

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