Airports are seen as premium environments, bustling transit hubs, and vibrant platforms for brands to showcase their products. With a long-standing reputation as hubs for luxury retail, airports provide an ideal platform to launch new celebrity partnerships, present new products, and raise brand awareness while capitalizing on captive customers waiting for their flights. The unique environment offers advertisers access to large swathes of consumers primed to discover and purchase products while traveling.  

Bvulgari advert on LAX time tower

Boost Campaign Effectiveness through Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity partnerships offer brands a very powerful tool to enhance recognition by leveraging the influencers’ fame. Collaborations with globally recognized figures like Zendaya, Liu Yifei, and Anne Hathaway bolster brand awareness and imply celebrity endorsement, validating a brand’s appeal and quality. According to the Harvard Business Review, celebrity endorsements can lead to an increase in sales by an average of 4%, with 67% of Gen Z saying that they are more likely to purchase a product if endorsed by a celebrity.  Bulgari’s choice of brand ambassadors is carefully considered, focusing on three highly relevant and active celebrities trending in the worlds of entertainment and fashion. By featuring ‘it girl’ figures, Bulgari not only amplifies the impact of the advertisement but also cultivates a desire amongst customers who are looking to emulate the lifestyle associated with these celebrities, ultimately increasing the likelihood of purchasing a Bulgari product.

Ad Proximity Drives In-Store Visits

LAX’s Iconic 72-foot tall Time Tower stands as a beacon, enhancing passenger experience and creating memorable impressions. Leveraging such a prominent structure in LAX’s international terminal, the airport’s retail hub for major luxury brands, automatically alludes to a sense of exclusivity and wealth. Targeting affluent customers who can travel internationally, not only engages consumers with the flexible income to afford luxury goods but also leverages the airport mindset; according to Ipsos x JCDecaux research, shopping is intrinsic to the travel experience. 85% of flyers report having spent money at the airport in the past year- and nearly half express increased comfort when it comes to purchasing luxury items in the airport as opposed to other retail locations.

As a result, major international airports are increasingly developing their terminals to create space for more luxury retailers across the country, most notably in Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, and New York. The global luxury airport retail market is estimated to grow by 9.38% by 2033, explaining the significant rise of luxury retailers in international airports. As airports continue to take up more space in this industry, it becomes increasingly important for luxury brands to create captivating and memorable ads within the travel journey!

A successful example of this is Bulgari’s ‘Eternally Born’ campaign, in which they took advantage of the time tower’s proximity to their store. This direct link between the advertisement and the physical store creates an opportunity for significantly increased store visitation and resulting purchases. According to industry findings, Kantar estimates that advertisements placed near a store can lead to an increase in foot traffic by 5% to 20%, due to convenience and impulse factors.

Bvlgari advert in Embassair Miami

Reaching Luxury’s Key Consumer: The Ultra-Wealthy

JCDecaux’s exclusive private aviation media network provides luxury advertisers access to the highly desirable audience of the ultra-wealthy. To be a private jet flier, it is expected that an individual makes a minimum of $1,000,000 a year and has a net worth of at least $25,000,000. Our high-impact digital and static advertising networks in terminals across the U.S. provide brands with the opportunity to make an impact with high-net-worth individuals frequenting these spaces and capture a portion of their significant purchasing power.  Showcasing a brand in an exclusive and elite location such as the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport conveys a sense of prestige and exclusivity, ultimately getting customers to associate brands like Bulgari with extreme wealth and high status. The association with a prestigious environment helps reinforce an image of luxury and sophistication whilst aligning perfectly with the lifestyle of the target audience.