A New Service:

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, is continuing to conquer and to disrupt new industries with their latest expansion into healthcare. Partnering with OneMedical, Amazon are now offering a monthly or annual subscription for 24/7 care. Or in other words Amazon resolved the issue of waiting in the doctor’s office or at the pharmacy. These new services provide Prime subscribers with home-delivery medications and medical appointments.

Digital Advertising for Amazon at BOS

A Trust-Building Large-Scale Campaign:

To promote its new medical services, Amazon is advertising in major airports across the United States. Leveraging JCDecaux’s advertising networks in airport hubs at IAH, BOS, and MIA allows Amazon to bring their highly innovative healthcare services to the masses.

Using the JCDecaux network is a clear advantage, as trust is of paramount importance in purchasing decisions, a particularly daunting challenge in the pharmaceutical sector. In 2021, only 20% of Americans expressed confidence in the ability of pharmaceutical companies to provide reliable information. Research from JCDecaux and Ipsos indicates that 58% of consumers perceive out-of-home (OOH) advertisements as more credible and relevant compared to other platforms. Thus, OOH media campaigns emerge as the most trustworthy media format, making them an ideal choice for pharmaceutical campaigns.

Digital Advertising for Amazon at BOS

Airport digital is a perfect fit for this Amazon campaign- delivering digital flexibility and airport wide reach across a variety of digital inventory to showcase the multifaceted new services to 100% of travelers across Houston, Boston, and Miami international airports.

Amazon is also leveraging JCDecaux street furniture across Chicago and San Francisco to reach new potential clients during their daily routines. The combination of JCDecaux’s Street and Airports networks shows Amazon’s intention to position itself as the new leader in health consultation and pharmacy services.

Digital Advertising for Amazon at MIA

A Message Linked with the Location:

Amazon’s new healthcare advertising campaign is leveraging contextual creatives to address a common pain point for travelers.

The imagery of visibly frustrated consumers waiting around in the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy is a relatable sentiment for air travelers; JCDecaux research shows that 53% of global travelers arrive at least 2 hours before their flight. The cheeky headline "You are not here" both makes viewers glad to not be in the same position- and informs them that with this new service, they never need to be again.

This strategy, of adapting your message to the place in which it is displayed, is an effective method for making impactful messaging in the eyes of potential customers.

Amazon's use of brevity and humor in their tagline is effective, as 55% of advertising research managers* believe humor is better at attracting attention than non-humor. This helps Amazon stand out from the competition and appeal to potential customers. 

With mass reach, a touch of humor and a powerful slogan, JCDecaux’s platforms pair perfectly with Amazon’s marketing for the introduction of their new health services.

*The Impact of Humor in Advertising by Weinberg and Gulas