Why B2B chooses airport advertising

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) welcomed over 72 million passengers in 2023. As the 3rd busiest airport in the US and the most important travel hub in the Midwest,  O’Hare extends beyond local audiences and garners traction from international and business travelers- an invaluable tactic for reinforcing or establishing a presence in new markets. 

Several brands are currently utilizing our oversized ad placements to maximize their impact on their target audience of business travelers upon their arrival to ORD.

Deel promotes its online business platform

Deel is showcasing their vibrant advertising on our impossible-to-miss skybridge. As a new payroll and compliance company established in 2018, their target audience includes business travelers, many of whom are likely to be present in O’Hare as it’s a prominent business airport and gateway to the larger Midwest region. 

Their high impact placements include broad coverage of ORD’s domestic terminal, maximizing visibility and reinforcing Deel’s presence in a key transport hub.

Stripe promotes its high profile clients

Stripe has also taken advantage of the banners by promoting their platforms most high profile users including Hertz- on our 70’ wide skybridge no less. This placement, resembling a traditional billboard, can ensure a strong ROI, as studies have shown that airport advertising garners high visibility, with 83% of flyers noticing such campaigns and 47% of them taking action.

AirTAC dominates with airport OOH

Despite being an established company, Airtac has only recently opened its sales center in the US, and is actively building brand awareness with JCDecaux airport exteriors. Displaying their advert on a structure as large as this Ambassadorial Exterior projects an image of success and prominence, aligning the scale of their campaign with their growing presence. Similarly to the others, their target demographic is business travellers with significant influence and high buying power, making this airport an ideal place to be located. 

Meanwhile, AirTAC also outfitted ORD’s Air Train interiors with full brand coverage including head to toe wall wraps across the entire carriage. By placing their adverts in consecutive spots, Airtac reinforces their message throughout travelers’ journeys, enhancing visibility and creating  memorable association as they navigate through various locations within the airport.  and creating a memorable association as they navigate through various locations within the airport. 

The Air Train is also an effective means of targeting business travelers as those arriving to ORD must take the AirTrain to car rental services; studies indicatethat 93% of travelers pick up cars at airport locations